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Decision Making & Economic Theory

Working Papers

  1. Learning to maximize (expected) utility
    T. Dohmen & G. Gerasimou
  2. (available soon)

  3. Ordinal intensity-efficient allocations
    G. Gerasimou
  4. Revised: January 2024 (interim update)

  5. The decision-conflict logit
    G. Gerasimou
  6. Under revision for invited resubmission

  7. Towards eliciting weak or incomplete preferences in the lab: a model-rich approach
    G. Gerasimou
  8. Revised: December 2023

  9. Characterization of the Jaccard dissimilarity metric and a generalization
    G. Gerasimou
  10. Revised and resubmitted: December 2023

  11. Non-diversified portfolios with subjective expected utility
    C. P. Chambers & G. Gerasimou
  12. Revised: January 2024

  13. Status quo bias under risk when a decoy lottery is present
    M. Costa-Gomes & G. Gerasimou

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